Only adult individuals and legal entities can participate in the auction. 
You can see all the items offered for sale in the auction catalogue or at the ART4 museum.
Bidding on each item lasts one month from the beginning of each auction.
Bidding closes at 10:00 PM  Moscow time. 
New auction items are added almost daily.
We guarantee the authenticity of all items in accordance with their descriptions.

If you want to buy

  • In order to begin the trading process, you are required to create an account and log in. 
  • Select the item you wish to buy and place a bid. 
  • You will see current price of the lot and offered rate (approximately + 5% to the current price). You can also enter another rate of your choice.  Вы также можете ввести и свою сумму. 
  • We have no reserved price on our auctions. Items can be sold for their starting prices. 
  • Participants get email and/or SMS notifications each time they are outbid. After the end of the trading, all the participants receive auction results. All the prices are in euro. 
  • Payments are accepted in cash and non-cash payment at the ruble’s Central Bank exchange rate on payment day. 
  • The auction winner should pay within 10 days after the end of the auction. For each day of delay, we assign a 0.1% penalty.
  • The item must be picked up or delivery must be ordered within 10 days of payment. We can arrange delivery worldwide. 
  • If the winner declines to buy the item, he must pay a penalty equal to 10% of the item price. WIthin a year after the purchase, the buyer can make a claim about the authenticity of the lot, up to getting a refund. 

If you want to sell

  • You can offer your work for sale here
  • The seller should guarantee the authenticity of the item up to a refund within one year after the sale. 
  • If needed, paid art expertise can be facilitated at your expense.  
  • During the auction period (one month), the item and certification documents must be at the ART4 museum`s auction exhibition. If this is not possible, the object can not be accepted for the auction. 
  • Shipping is organised at the seller’s expense. 
  • Before the auction, we discuss the starting price and sign a contract with the seller. 
  • By offering items for sale, the seller consents to the auction commission. Commission is 20% of the final value of the lot, and it is held from the seller’s revenue. 
  • The seller’s identity remains anonymous to all bidders. 
  • The seller can  monitor progress and results of the trades on his items in his personal account on our website. 
  • If the work has not been sold at the auction, it will be returned to the owner for no fee. It must be picked up within ten days after the end of the auction.